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Are you NAMB Certified?

If you are serious about your career in the mortgage industry, NAMB certification will help you achieve your goals. There is no substitute for being recognized by the industry’s leaders. Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, NAMB offers a certification that’s right for you. NAMB offers three certifications, each requiring a different level of work experience, the accumulation of qualifying points and the passing of a computer-based, multiple choice exam.

GMA Certification

I am…

New Loan Originator

NAMB Certification…

A General Mortgage Associate (GMA)

Experience Required…

Entry level (None)

Points Required…

0 points

CRMS Certification

I am…

Experienced Loan Originator

NAMB Certification…

Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS)

Experience Required…

2 years minimum

Points Required…

50 points

CMC Certification

I am…

Very Experienced Loan Originator

NAMB Certification…

Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC)

Experience Required…

5 years minimum

Points Required…

100 points

2020 Calendar

8 Hours of Continuing Education: Boise

Wednesday, September 16
Webinar Only

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will making changes to our offerings this year – we will be canceling the Pocatello and Coeur d’Alene trainings and ask that attendees who cannot come to Boise join by webinar.

Live training is limited 85 people & is now full.

State Law will be offered 11 am-Noon

State Law will be offered 11 am-noon. Attendees who only want to take the law class only for a fee of $25. It is included in fee for all-day attendees.

Complete All 8 Hours of Required CEUs in ONE Day.

Training Handouts


IAMP and IMLA Members: $99
Non-Members: $175

No refunds will be given after September 10

To REGISTER ONLINE, please fill out the form below.

Reminder: Please hand in Continuing Education Completion Certificates to the Department of Finance within 30 days after receiving certificate.

Fax: 208-332-8096



If you do not have your individual NMLS ID # and a photo ID at the time of the training, credit cannot be given. IF YOU ARE LATE FOR CLASS credit cannot be given. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Other Education Opportunities


Praedo Institute


How Mortgage Brokers Fit into the Home Buying Process
During the home buying process, mortgage brokers are a common channel to use when obtaining a home loan. Professional members of the Idaho Association of Mortgage Brokers (IAMP) have played a major role in helping consumers fulfill the American dream of homeownership. Nationwide, mortgage brokers originate two of every three home loans.

Mortgage brokers serve as a mentor to the consumer during the complex mortgage origination process as they are knowledgeable of current industry rates and terms. A mortgage broker is recognized as an independent real estate financing professional that specializes in the origination of residential and/or commercial mortgages. Mortgage Brokers are business people who own and operate companies, or work
for a brokerage firm, which are typically small and community based.

Why should consumers use a mortgage broker? Advantages of using a mortgage broker during the home buying process include:

Mortgage brokers provide a critical link between the consumer and the credit markets,
In assisting consumers, mortgage brokers find the loan program that best fits the consumer’s individual
financial goals and circumstances,
They bring much needed capacity and competition to the mortgage market by providing a broad range of products to the consumer. The typical broker offers a multitude of mortgage programs.
Mortgage brokers offer an unprecedented reach as they operate in big cities and small, urban cores and
the suburbs, farms and rural areas,
They are experts in analyzing, advising, structuring, underwriting, packaging, presenting and negotiating
loan proposals with a vast network of financing sources
Mortgage brokers work with all types of credit and income parameters, even for individuals who cannot
obtain financing through traditional channels. This allows low-to-moderate-income borrowers with less
then perfect credit histories to enjoy the benefits of homeownership.
The mortgage broker industry plays a significant role in the mortgage lending process and the American economy by increasing competition and driving down costs. On a national level, mortgage brokers originate 66% of home loans, more than any other single loan source.

“Purchasing a home is likely the largest financial transaction a consumer will ever make, and it is imperative that each person works with an experienced professional in order to provide the optimal level of choice for each individual circumstance,” said NAMB Past President Bob Armbruster.

For additional information call IAMP at 208-321-9309.

IAMP Partners with Training Pro to Provide Online Education
IAMP has partnered with Training Pro to provide online education to its members. IAMP welcomes Training Pro to its list of online providers in Idaho. Please see there educational offerings on their website.

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