The Idaho Association of Mortgage Professional is here and looking out for YOU. The cost to join is low compared to the benefits received.

We have also been busy at the state and national level working on issues that affect you:

  • We are active and represent your interests on the Department of Finance Mortgage Advisory Board. Over the few years licensing changes brought on by the SAFE Act have affected the local Residential Mortgage Practices Act and how the Department of Finance does business. Our two representatives have been there to help guide these laws, rules and policies to have the most positive impact on your business.
  • We have maintained relationships with NAMB, which is the only major group still representing mortgage brokers on the Hill. NAMB has played a critical role in toning down or getting some needed changes to the Dodd Frank and SAFE Act implementation strategies.
  • IAMP stays informed on the issues and pass that along to you. At least twice a year an IAMP Board member attends the NAMB legislative conferences and gets the latest information. IAMP is actively involved with the state legislature to monitor and prevent bad bills. We pass all this information on to you in a bi-weekly email blast.
  • In the past year IAMP has partnered with IMLA and NAPMW on education, social events and other functions designed to benefit the industry.
  • We provide annual educational opportunities to meet your continuing education requirements and we provide it at a ridiculously low cost for members!

We are asking you to join or renew your relationship with us and help us to protect all of our livelihoods.

In these regulatory-happy times in our industry, you cannot afford to be a bystander. Please feel free to call the IAMP office at 208-321-9309 for more information.


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